365Villas - Overview

365villas and Rentals United 

The Rentals United account can be created through the 365villas platform and your Account Manager will help you to sync your properties and introduce you to a contact at Rentals United.

Your properties have been pushed from 365villas to Rentals United and are now ready to be connected to our Sales Channels. Any editing of the Property information should be done in your 365villas account (changes made directly in Rentals United will be overwritten in the next sync). Once you are connected to the sales channels, the property information will also automatically be pushed to the channels. When you receive bookings from the sales channels, they will automatically be inserted into Rentals United and 365villas. If you want to add a new property to Rentals United/Sales channels, you need to sync it from 365villas.


Synchronisation Flow

Property info editing/Adding new properties: 365villas ➜ Rentals United ➜ Sales Channel

Reservations/Cancellations: Sales Channels ➜ Rentals United ➜ 365villas



If you change your password in Rentals United, please also change it in 365 Villas. If you don't keep the same password on both accounts, synchronisation issues can occur. If you notice any synchronisation issues, please refer to the Sync notes in your 365villas account. If you need further assistance, please contact support@365villas.com.

PMS Settings

If you would like to stop the synchronisation between 365villas and Rentals United for some property information, please go to PMS Settings in RU, unselect the boxes that you wish to update manually in Rentals United and click Save. Now you can edit this property information directly in Rentals United. Please bear in mind that unselecting will be applicable for all your properties and future changes made directly in your PMS will not be reflected in Rentals United.



NOT synchronised from 365villas to Rentals United

The following features are not pushed from 365villas to RU. This means that you need to manually add these features directly in your Rentals United account:

  • Taxes - Go to My Properties - Advanced Settings - Select all or some properties - Edit Charges and Taxes - Add Taxes


How often is property info synchronised?  

Get Started

Before you can start connecting your properties to our Sales channels, you need to fill out

  1. My Profile
  2. Company Profile
  3. Payment Settings 

In the upper right corner of your RU account you will find a drop down menu with My Profile, Company Profile and Payment settings. Please fill out the required fields and Click on Save


For the Payment setting, Click on add Billing Method (if you have not already added this)


Due to security reasons, you will have to validate a certain amount taken from your account

Please select the correct currency (if your card is in EUR, you choose EUR, if it’s in GBP, you choose GBP)


If you have any questions that we did not answer in the Help Centre, please submit your request/issue here.


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