API Push

Please see this PDF for all necessary information about how to push properties from Rentals United to

This PDF is also available in the following languages: French, Italian and Spanish.


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    Mohit chauhan



    I didn't found anything in pdf which is related to "Push property to" via API.

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    Norbert Lewicki

    Hi Mohit,

    Thanks for your message. If you wish to push properties via API, please follow the steps from page 2 of the PDF:

    Before we can start you need to have a Legal ID, you will get this ID from once you have signed an agreement with them. It can take up to 4 weeks, RU can not speed up or inuence this process.

    When you have your Legal ID send it to

    Our team will push the properties for you once they meet the minimum requirements as stated in the PDF.

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