Changeover or check-in / check-out restrictions


Implementing this setting allows to select days of the week on which guests can check-in or check-out. 

  • Both - guest can check-in and check-out on a given day
  • Check-in - guest can only check-in on a given day
  • Check-out - guest can only check-out on a given day
  • None - guest cannot neither check-in nor check-out

Most of the channels accept this and they will be reflected as blocked dates in channel end when a Guest try to book.

In RU UI, changeovers are presented as checkboxes for both Check-in and Check-out:

  • Unchecked box : Check-in or Check-out is possible
  • Checked box : Check-in or Check-out is NOT possible

Below is an example of how changeovers are presented in RU UI:



Checked-ins ticked : Monday and Sunday

Check-outs ticked: Saturday and Sunday

Guests cannot arrive on Mondays and Sundays or leave on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please watch this short video, which explains how to set changeover restrictions in Rentals United.


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