Why are my prices incorrect/no prices in the HRS channels? (Booking.com/Expedia/Agoda)

If you are experiencing incorrect pricing or no pricing at all when visiting the extranets of either Booking.com, Expedia or Agoda we advise you to first try manually pushing the calendars and rates.
To manually push please follow these instructions:

1. Go to ‘Services’ - ‘My Services’ - 'Channels' and Select the Channel you are experiencing the issue.

2. Click on ‘Property Settings

3. Locate the property you wish to push and click on Manual Options as seen in the image below:


Once you are in the Manual Options you will have 3 more steps to manually push:

1. Select dates from today’s date to 1 year in advance (15th September 2017 - 15th September 2018).

2. Click the button ‘Calculate

3. Click the button ‘Send My Changes


If your prices are still showing incorrectly after 5-10 minutes, please report it in our Fast Support Form


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