Why are my prices incorrect/no prices in the VRS channels? (HomeAway, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc.)?

If you are experiencing incorrect pricing or no pricing at all when visiting the extranets of VRS channels (Vacation Rental channels), we advise you to first try manually pushing the calendars and rates.

Please follow these steps in order to re-push your properties to the sales channel:

Go to ‘Services > My Services > Channels’ - Click on the Sales Channel's name - Go to ‘Property settings’.

Next to each connected property you will find an option to either ‘Push details’ or ‘Deactivate’.

If the option of ‘Push details’ appears, please click on it. If there is no option to push your details, please click on ‘deactivate’ and then click on ‘activate’.

If your prices are still incorrect or there are no prices in the sales channel, please report it in our  Fast Support Form


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