Extra fees and taxes

Most channels require that you display fees and taxes separately from the rental rate, this is often due to local legal rules. It is also important to display rates and fees clearly to the guest upon booking.


Any additional payments the guest will be required to make for services provided by the client (e.g. Internet access, shuttle, ski pass) or fees defined by local government that do not fall into tax category, like environmental fees.

Fees can be mandatory or optional.

Fee types
  • Air conditioning fee
  • Airport shuttle fee
  • Bed linen fee
  • Booking fee
  • Children extra fee
  • Cleaning fee
  • Club card fee
  • Conservation fee
  • Credit card fee
  • Destination fee
  • Electricity fee
  • Extra beds fee
  • Gas fee
  • Heating fee
  • Housekeeping fee
  • Insurance
  • Internet fee
  • Kitchen linen fee
  • Inen package fee
  • Oil fee
  • Parking fee
  • Pet fee
  • Resort fee
  • Seaplane fee
  • Shuttle boat fee
  • Ski pass
  • Tourism fee
  • Towels fee
  • Transfer fee
  • Visa support fee
  • Water park fee
  • Water usage fee
  • Wood fee
  • Wristband fee


In some situations guests will be required to cover costs of taxes like tourism tax.

Tax types
  • City tax
  • Goods and services tax
  • Local tax
  • Tourist tax
  • VAT


Depending on the Channels and the connection types, the channel will receive the Fees & Taxes from Rentals United (Airbnb, HomeAway, etc) or you will have to add them directly in the property in the channel (Booking.com, Expedia, etc). For more information about this, please, contact us HERE.

Note that extra fees are not mandatory since you may not have any and the rules for taxes varies depending on the location of your properties. 


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