Is it possible to use a Pricing Tool in RU?

All of our clients who have manually uploaded their properties can use a pricing tool in Rentals United. Moreover, it is also possible for clients who use Push PMSes to use a pricing tool in RU. 

A push PMS means a PMS that sends properties to Rentals United. If you are not sure how your PMS works, you can find out here.

The two pricing engines that you can use in RU are Price Labs and Beyond Pricing


How to connect to Price Labs

Price Labs uses the Rentals United API to feed prices, minimum stay and discounts. You need to send your user credentials to Price Labs because the connection is made in Price Labs. 

  1. For Push PMS users – make sure your PMS settings are set to sync prices from the PMS.
  2. For Pull PMS users – Turn off the synchronisation of prices to Rentals United in your PMS. (Please note MINSTAY can also be turned off from the PMS)
  3. Configure your account in Price Labs:

If you are a manual user, just go to step 3 directly.


How to connect to Beyond Pricing

The connection with Beyond Pricing is configured in Rentals United. Rentals United updates prices from Beyond Pricing every hour.  For the moment, that requires a lot of work from the customer and the IT team, but we are working on a solution for users to make the mapping themselves.

  1. Inform your account manager about the connection you want to set up with Beyond Pricing.
  2. Prepare a list of Rentals United property IDs and the properties IDs in Beyond Pricing.
  3. Give it to your Account Manager.
  4. After your Account Manager has confirmed the connection is established, turn off synchronisation to Rentals United from your PMS (for PMS users only). 

 Note for Beyond Pricing.

1. RU synchronise:

  • Daily prices
  • Availability

2. RU Does not synchronise:

  • Extra Guest Price
  • Minimum Stay



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