Can I use discounted rates in RU?

Yes, you can use discounted rates in Rentals United.

Please note that not all sales channels support these discount rates. For more information on each channel, please look at the PDF files created in our Help Centre here.

There are four different discount rates that you can add in RU:


1. Last minute discount:

This discount rate allows you to choose a discount percentage for 'last minute' reservations.

In RU you can select the number of days before arrival, for which the discount will be applicable.


2. Length of stay discount:  

This discount rate allows you to apply a discount percentage for a particular length of stay.


3. Extra person price discount:

This discount rate allows you to select a different (discounted) extra guest price, depending on the number of extra guests in the reservation.

For example: If you have 10 extras guest the price per extra guest per night will be $12 (In case the normal extra price per guest is more than $12)


4. Season night discount:

This discount rate allows you to set a different price depending on the number of nights and guests included in the reservation.


How can these discounts be added in RU?

If you are a manual user, all of the discount rates can be added by going to 'Edit' your property, click on 'Step 5' - 'Price & Availability'. Select the Season where you want to apply a discount and click on the blue edit icon.



Click on 'Show advanced options' and you will be able to add the discounts. Once you have added a discount, press 'Save & Next' on the bottom of the page and your discounts will be added.



If you are a PMS user, then you would need to add your discounted rates in your PMS, and the data will transfer over to your RU account.


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