How Do I Change my Pre-Payment and Markup settings for HomeAway?

You can change the pre-payment for HomeAway by going to: 
Services --> My Services --> Channels --> HomeAway --> Property Settings --> Deactivate a listing --> Change the pre-payment setting (as seen in the image below) --> Re-activate the listing".
You can also change your pre-payment in bulk, for all your properties connected to HomeAway, by following these steps:

Go to Services --> My Services --> Channels --> HomeAway --> Property Settings -- > in the drop-down menu select 'Disconnect all connected properties' and click on Apply:





Select the Advertiser ID and Choose the pre-payment setting and amount:





Click on the two green narrows to apply the changes to all properties.

Finally, go back to the drop down menu on the first step, select 'Connect all the disconnected properties' and click on Apply.



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