Advanced Price Settings

In addition to the discount rates (more information here) you can also add Weekend pricing and Changeover days in the advanced price setting in RU.

The Weekend pricing allows you to add different price per night for Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Changeover day (Exclude days) allows you to select days of the week on which guests can never check-in or check-out.

Please take into account that not all sales channels support our advanced price settings. For more information on each channel, please look at the PDF files created in our Help Center here.


Where can I find the Advanced Price Settings in RU?

Once you start editing your property, click on 'Step 5' - 'Price & Availability'. Select a season and click on blue edit icon.




Click on 'Show advanced options' and you will be able to add the discounts, weekend pricing and changeover days. Once you have added something, press 'Save & Next' on the bottom of the page. 




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    Cinque Terre Riviera

    I see this functionality in RU but I am not allowed to edit anything; is tyhere something else to do? thanks

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