I'm already connected to some of your sales channels, why should I work with you?

Most of our customers are like you and they came to us because they want to synchronise all of their calendars, avoid double bookings and lower the cost of managing bookings.

Our focus is on distributing your properties on the right marketing channels - we provide you with advice on the best channels to use for your location and type of business. 

It's easy to use Rentals United even though your adverts are already on some channels. It often only takes an email to inform the listing site that you now work with Rentals United and want to update your availability and prices via your new channel manager. 

Work with a PMS connecting you to certain channels and not sure why you need a channel manager?

Ask yourself these questions: 

Question 1. Do I want subpar connections with 3 channels or real-time availability updates with 60+ channels?

Question 2. Do I want a support team skilled in distribution with direct access to the management team of the listing sites companies?

Question 3. Is it safe to rely on 3 or 4 listing sites to fill my calendar all year round?

Question 4. Can my PMS push my exact property specs and complicated pricing model to the channels?

We look forward welcoming you to Rentals United! 


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