How do I disconnect/delete my properties from the channels?

If you just want to disconnect a property from certain channels, you do that in Services > My Services > Channels > Property Settings



And then click on 'deactivate':



You will then have to choose the type of disconnection (option available only for certain sales channels).



Disconnecting a property in Rentals United will however not delete the property completely from the sales channel. Please contact the channel directly and ask them to remove your listing.

You can find more information about how to disconnect from a specific channel in the section 'How it Works', inside each sales channel. 





 You can find the contact details for our channel partners here.



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    Michael Skowronski

    This does not work for AirBnB. Once I deactivate the RU connection to AirBnB I still cannot manage the listing manually on AirBnB. I contacted AirBnB's technical support team and they told me it was not fully disconnected from RU and they could not do anything with my property listing until that occurs.

    When I connected my RU listing with AirBnB an RU technician had to do something to complete the process, I was not able to do that myself. Perhaps there is also something like that involved with disconnecting as well.

    Anyway, RU needs to research this issue and solve it. Then RU needs to provide additional instructions to address this issue.

    It is not okay for RU to leave us in a state where we no longer can manage our own listing, that is complete with its reviews and followers, to have to delete the listing and start again. If that is what RU expects us to do then they need to make that clear when we join RU that this will happen if we ever terminate our relationship with RU.

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