How do reservation requests affect my response score and ranking?

When you receive a request on HomeAway the ideal way to deal with it is to contact the client and convert the request into a confirmed booking via the Rentals United platform.

If you fail to convert the request or ask the client to do a new booking your ranking will be penalised.

Follow these easy steps to ensure a good response score:


1.Reach out to the guest and answer the inquiry. Take the payment over the phone. Within the booking request, change the status from “Request” to “Confirmed”.


2.Scroll down to the Property details, here you can edit the details or the request/booking.


3.Enter the “Guest Price” you are charging.

4.Save & close, you have now converted the request to a confirmed booking.



It is crucial to deal with 'requests' within 24hrs to get a positive response score. If 'requests' are not dealt with or not converted in the system your ranking will be impacted as HomeAway is tracking these statistics.


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