How to Manage Reservations & Payments

Tabs and Rentals United

How To Manage Reservations and Payments

You will find a list of all your Reservations in My Bookings - Search Bookings

All reservations will also be found in your PMS including all guests details, except for credit card details as this is directly sent to SagePay. If you need to cancel a booking that will always need to be done in the sales channels (by the guest or the sales channels themselves) (exception: HomeAway. More info about that when connecting to HomeAway is provided).

You can cancel reservations in Tabs but this would not be reflected in Rentals United nor the sales channels so this is not advisable.


The majority of the channels will charge the guest for you, but there are some where you are responsible of taking the payment (i.e:, Expedia, Agoda and HomeAway). Tabs is integrated with SagePay. Please contact for more information about how to use their payment processor.

As you are using SagePay through Tabs, there will be no credit card details in Rentals United given we send the details directly to SagePay.

This is how Rentals United sends the credit card details to SagePay:

1. We enter a booking into Tabs. When successful, RU proceeds to send CC details to SagePay.
2. We send credit card details to SagePay directly and expect response from them. SagePay responds either with success or error message.
3. When we send the booking into SagePay but receive an error - in this case we will add a message that goes “There was an error returned by SagePay for the credit card sent with this booking” and then paste the full error message from SagePay along with the error code.
3. If the is successfully inserted, we add a payment to Tabs.
4. We then proceeded to confirm the booking in Tabs. Tabs responds positively.
5. In the case we receive a booking without a credit card - we insert the booking into TABS and put the following note into the booking comments “No payment has been taken from SagePay for this booking because the channel takes the payment from the guest (e.g. Airbnb)”

If you have any questions that we did not answer in the Help Centre, please submit your request/issue here 


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