How To Manage Reservations and Payments

Klik.Villas and Rentals United


You will find a list of all your Reservations in My Bookings - Search Bookings

All reservations will also be found in your Klik.Villas account including all guests details, except for credit card details. If you need to cancel a booking, that always needs to be done in the sales channels (by the guest or the sales channels). You cannot cancel reservations in Klik.Villas or Rentals United (exception: HomeAway. More info about that when connecting to HomeAway is provided).


Reservations will be displayed as per below, showing Klik.Villas’ booking ID; the channel name, the channel’s enquiry ID and when was the last update.

When clicking “edit” you will find all booking details and relevant financial information i.e. booking value, channel commission.

The majority of the channels will charge the guest for you, but there are some where you are responsible of taking the payment (i.e:, Expedia as an option and HomeAway). You can use any payment processor to charge your guests. Klik.Villas is integrated with Stripe and Spreedly. Please contact for more information about how to use their payment processors. Rentals United is integrated with the payment provider Stripe.


You will find the Credit Card details in the Reservation within Rentals United. The CC details will remain in Rentals United for 10 days.


If you have any questions that we did not answer in the Help Centre, please submit your request/issue here 


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