How to Connect to Our Sales Channels

Have you filled out your Company Profile, My Profile and Payment Settings? Yes? Then you are ready to connect to our Sales Channels.

To get to know our channels better, please go to Channel Info under 'Channels' in Rentals United.


When you know which channels you would like to work with; Go to 'Channels' - 'Add Channels' and then add each individual channel you want to connect to.


When you have chosen the channels, click on 'My Channels' in the small Pop Up table in the bottom of the screen


Click on the Arrow for the of the channel that you want to connect to


Click on Get Connected

Accept the Terms and Conditions and Follow the Instructions on how to connect. The instructions for each channel are a bit different. Please make sure to read and follow the instructions carefully


Decide what Mark up and Currency you wish to use for the channel. Please bear in mind that Rentals United will not be responsible if incorrect currency or mark up pushed to the sales channels. For each channel, we will recommend a mark up depending on if the channel is adding their commission fee on top of your rates or not. Don't forget to click on Save Price Settings

Choose if you want to connect all or just some of your properties

For the majority of the channels it will take between 24 hours to a week for your properties to become live and bookable in the channel. For certain channels, the On-boarding time is longer. Rentals United share your inventory with the channels but we are not responsible of putting your properties live.


Some of the channels, will provide you with a link that will take you directly to the channel


For others, you will have to contact the channel to know if your properties are live or not. In those cases the properties are displayed with the status Could be live Please find contact info for each channel in Channel Info . If you are uncertain whether your properties are live or not, please contact the channel directly.


Deactivate your Properties

If you want to deactivate some or all of your properties from a channel, simply click on Deactivate. You also need to contact the channel to inform them that you don't want the properties to be advertised any longer. There's no penalty for this, however overusing the activate/deactivate feature could result in the channel not accepting your property in the future.

To deactivate all properties, select “Disconnect all properties” and click on Apply


Change Scale Up

Deactivate the property. Change the markup/Scaling %. Activate the property

If you want to apply the same markup change for all properties click on the green arrows. Don't forget to Activate the properties again.

Connection Errors

If you would receive any errors, please click on Check Errors. The error messages will tell you what needs to be change in your property or who you need to contact.

Note: You make the agreement with every channel. Rentals United only distributes properties. If you have any detailed questions about your listings, bookings etc please contact the channel directly. Rentals United cannot mediate. Please see Channel Info

If you have any questions that we did not answer in the Help Center, please submit your request/issue here


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