Multi-unit algorithm in Rentals United

How to understand and apply the Algorithm in Rentals United.


What is the Multi-unit algorithm?


The multi-unit algorithm is a mathematical complex calculation used to recalculate the sum of the availability sent to the Hotel Sales Channels such as (, Expedia, Agoda, Hotel World and Ostrovok) when you have a multi-unit property.


Multi-Unit example: This is how a Multi-Unit mapping looks in Rentals United.



Why is this useful for you?


It prevents you from moving your guests from “room A” to “room B” during their stay.


Let's explain this with an example:


A guest books one of your rooms/properties for one week. Without the algorithm, if there isn't one week available for one single property,  the week will be spread out over all properties. Please see the yellow area below. This would mean that the guest will have to change property several times during the stay.


With the algorithm, we will send the availability in a way that will allow the guest to book a property only if it is available for the whole period. This will slightly reduce the open days/availability which we send to the Hotel Sales Channels but it will prevent you from receiving "over-bookings".



The reason why we put "over-bookings" in quotations is that the availability that was shown to the guest was the group availability instead of the single unit availability due to this set-up.

Please note: As per default the algorithm switches off when you add a property or map a property. Thus Every-time you map properties as multi-unit or add a property to the same Hotel ID, you need to fill out the Support Form to enable the multi-unit algorithm for you. Our Support team will inform you once the algorithm has been implemented again.

In the Support Form, please specify the Hotel ID and room type IDs in question.

Every time a booking is made on one of these groups, the multi-unit algorithm makes a complex mathematical calculation and the updated availability will be resent automatically.




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