This article explains what steps you need to take in order to resolve missing CVC details from reservations. 

Please view the scenarios below to troubleshoot this issue so you can proceed in taking payments from your guests.


1. Is the booking older than days?

If the booking is older than 10 days, RU will no longer display this information in order to protect the guest's card details. Please, contact and the guest in order to get the credit card details.



2. Is the booking less than 10 days old and the CVC still is not in RU?

If your booking is less than 10 days old and you are unable to see the CVC in your reservation details within RU, please check with your account manager to review the settings for your properties to assure the CVC details is made mandatory from the guest when they book your properties. If these settings are correctly setup, please ask to ensure that the setting to send CVC to your channel manager is enabled. 

For more information, please, check this link:


If you find there is a regular occurrence with this issue, please contact us via our Fast Support Form.




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