VRBO Custom Payment Schedule

In order to set a Custom Payment Schedule for VRBO, please go to Services > VRBO > Account Settings:


There you will find the Custom Payment Schedule section:


Custom Payment Schedule is set to disabled by default


From this section, you can enable Custom Payment Schedule for all your properties connected to VRBO. You can change the percentage of booking to be charged at different intervals prior to arrival, as well as specify the amount to be paid upon arrival.

Maximum 5 payments can be set.

For example:


Once you click on the “SAVE” button, the bar at the top will change to green and the defined custom payment schedule will be applied to all your properties.

In case you have multiple Advertiser IDs in VRBO, the specified payment schedule will be applied to all Advertiser IDs.

In the section Services > VRBO > Property Settings, you will see the Prepayent value set up as Custom:



Changes made in Custom Payment Schedule should be visible on VRBO within 3 hours, approximately.


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