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Airbnb Guest Communication

You Airbnb account must be correctly set up in RU and you must have at least one property activated in the connection.Screenshot_2020-03-02_at_16.30.59.png


Once you have at least one property connected to Airbnb in Services, the following screen is presented:Screenshot_2020-03-03_at_09.58.47.png

In order to set up Airbnb Guest Communication in Rentals United, click the “Allow Rentals United to send and receive Airbnb messages on your behalf” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you assign messaging scopes to Rentals United you will return to Rentals United and Airbnb Guest Communication is set up.

In case you have multiple Airbnb accounts set up in Rentals United Services, you can repeat this process for all of them to communicate with all your guests.

Sending messages to guests

Each reservation or request from Airbnb comes with a messaging thread. If the guest added a message you will see it. In case they did not, the thread will be empty and you can initiate communication. 

You can communicate with your guests either from Rentals United or from your email address.

From Rentals United

In order to communicate with guests from Rentals United, go to Guest Planner, Open reservation of interest and scroll down to the Guest Communication section at the bottom.

Read and write emails from there.

Via email


You may subscribe to receive email notifications with new messages from Airbnb in Guest Communication settings.

Once you subscribe, email notifications will start flowing into your notification email set in Rentals United. By default, it is your Rentals United username, but you can change it in your Company Profile.

When a guest sends a message, you will receive it into your inbox.

Simply click “Reply” to the email.

Your response will be delivered to the guest and visible within the Rentals United reservation.

No attachments

It is not possible to send and receive attachments.

Guests with multiple Airbnb reservations

Even if one guest books multiple stays with you, there will be only a messaging thread between the guest and yourself. You will see the entire communication history under the most recently modified reservation. It may, therefore, happen that messages will “jump” between reservations.




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