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Gmail Inbox

It is possible to set up a Gmail account so that messages you exchange with the guests are available under reservations within Rentals United

We recommend using a brand new Gmail account as Rentals United will need to get access to all its content. It is also a good practice to isolate the reservation email address from other operational emails.

Setup in Rentals United

Go to Guest Planner and click on the Settings button:


Scroll down to Email setup and select Gmail from the dropdown menu:


Select Gmail and click “Connect”. 

You will be taken to Google and will be asked to allow Rentals United to send emails on your behalf. Once you agree you will come back to Rentals United and will see a screen as below


Now, configure automatic email forwarding to in your Gmail account (here’s how to do it: and hit “Test settings”.

Find more information about Guest Communication in the video below:


And how to set it up in your Rentals United account:


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