Can I make changes to a confirmed booking in Rentals United?

You are now able to perform modifications to all confirmed reservations, whether they come from a sales channel or not.

You can modify reservation details including: property assigned to the reservation, dates of stay, number of guests and reservation price. This can be done directly from the Booking Details page:



We introduced this feature in order to simplify our platform and provide you with additional functions. Here are examples of how this modification functionality can be used:

  1. If you are using a multi-property group in HRS channels (, Expedia, etc) and the reservations were assigned to an incorrect property, you can now move guests to another property on the Booking Details page. 
  2. If a guest wishes to extend/shorten their stay, you can make those changes via Rentals United directly.
  3. If you see an opportunity for inventory optimisation, you can move a guest from one property to another (same quality or upgrade, depending on your policies).


It is important to note that you must be aware of the sales channels' own regulations for treating confirmed reservations. In most cases the reservations should be modified in the sales channel interface, and often initiated by the guest.


Once the reservation is modified in Rentals United, the modification may be transferred to your PMS:


Push PMS and API clients

Your PMS will receive a webhook notification (RLNM) with the booking modification - it is up to your integration whether the reservation modification is transferred to the PMS. If it is not, then you should make the changes in the PMS manually. 

Push PMS include: Guesty, 365Villas, Turisoft, Resharmonics, Egluu, Bedloop, iPro, Hostify, Rentability, Lodgable, FantasticStay, MyRent, Bookster, Rocket Beds, Italian Way, 4NewDigital, EstarGroup, Anytime Booking, Tatou, HighlandVision, Rentivo, Silverbyte, Blulynx, Klikvillas, Pod Camp 3, Host Tempo, Cultuzz, Webrezpro, Bookfull, VRBookings.


Pull PMS

Depending on the integration capabilities, Rentals United will attempt to modify the reservation, cancel and rebook or will do nothing at all. You should always ensure that your changes are transferred. If they are not, the you should make the changes in your PMS manually.

  • Pull PMS partners with reservation modification:
    • Vreasy
    • Streamline
    • StreamlineV2
    • Guestline
    • Mews
    • BusyRooms
  • Pull PMS partners with cancel and rebook
    • Apartamentos3000
    • Arkiane
    • Barefoot
    • Bookerville
    • Bookingsync
    • Ciirus
    • Elina
    • EscapiaNet
    • FriendlyRentals
    • Hostfully
    • RealTimeRental
    • YourRentals
  • Pull PMS Partners who do not support cancellations or modifications
    • YesBookit
    • Escapia ISILink
    • Tabs
    • MPConcept / Helios
    • Digital Trip
    • RNS
    • VillaFinca
    • Bungalow
    • BookingStudio


Please note:

Once you perform a modification of a CONFIRMED reservation in Rentals United, you need to verify the changes have been correctly transferred to your PMS. You may also need to update the data in the sales channel, if needed.





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