How to set up Length of Stay (LOS) discounts

By using LOS Discounts you can apply a price reduction for a particular length of stay. 


If you are a manual user, the LOS discount can be added by going to Properties -> Edit/Improve -> Step 5 Price and Availability -> Pricing -> click on the blue Edit icon -> Scroll down to Discounts: Length of stay



Once you have added a discount, scroll up and click on the Save button.


If you are a PMS user, you would need to add your discounted rates in your PMS instead and the data will transfer over to your RU account.

Please note that every PMS has different features, rules and settings. Some of them might not be able to manage this functionality or they might have a different way to manage it.


Please watch this short video below with more information about this topic:

In Rentals United Help Centre > Getting Started with PMS you have a list of the PMS we integrate with and by selecting your PMS you will see the features that are not synced toward Rentals United.

Regarding the sales channels, many of them accept this feature whilst many others do not accept it and/or others may accept it with conditions. You can find more information about this here.



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