How to set up your listings for mid to long term booking success

First, set your LOS pricing or Length of stay discount in Rentals United, if you are a manual user, or in your PMS/software if you are a PMS or API user.

Connect to sales channels that support longer stays. Recent connections, for example, Altovita, All Luxury Apartments, HouseStay (all minimum 30+ days bookings).

For the most popular channels, please we aware of their maximum stay restrictions:

    • 30 days
    • Expedia: 28 days
    • Airbnb: Not limit, but ensure it has not been applied a max in Airbnb extranet since it is possible to add it there.
    • HomeAway: 90 days
    • TripAdvisor: 90 days
    • Agoda: 90 days

You can find more information about which sales channels accept LOS pricing and/or LOS discounts here.


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