How to set up Length of Stay (LOS) pricing

Manual Users 

If you are using RU manually, you can set these details up directly in your RU account:

Properties -> Edit/Improve -> Step 5 Price and Availability -> Pricing -> click on the blue Edit icon -> Scroll down to LOS pricing

First, enter in from how many nights the new price applies and then enter in the new price. If you are using an extra guest price, you need to specify each price per number of guests. 




Season 'Summer 2020': The daily price for this specific season is 100 Euros, with the new LOS pricing the daily price will be 90 Euros if the guest books 7 or more nights. 

You can add several LOS pricings per season. Once done, click on Save 

Once you have made changes to all of our seasons and are ready to move forward, click on Save and Next at the bottom of the page.

In order to use LOS pricing with Airbnb, HomeAway or, please contact our support team to enable this feature. LOS pricing is not enabled by default for these channels.



If you are integrated to Rentals United via a PMS or API connection, you will need to check with your PMS support team/tech team that you are able to provide LOS pricing information.

If it is possible, you will need to update all of your LOS pricing on your PMS software in order for it to sync with RU.

In Rentals United Help Centre > Getting Started with PMS you have a list of the PMS we integrate with and by selecting your PMS you will see the features that are not synced toward Rentals United.

Regarding the sales channels, many of them accept this feature whilst many others do not accept it and/or others may accept it with conditions. You can find more information about this here.


You can find more information about how to add LOS price in the video below:


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