Arkiane and Rentals United

Your properties will be pulled from Arkiane to Rentals United:
Follow the steps below in order to connect your Arkiane and Rentals United account:
  1. Log into your Rentals United account
  2. Hover over your name in the top right corner and select “PMS Settings”
  3. In the “Choose a PMS” field, select Arkiane
  4. Enter your username, password, agency number and site number 
  5. Hit “Import all my properties” button
Important: You can get your Arkiane credentials by reaching out to Arkiane support. They will also configure the connection from Arkiane side.

All properties which fulfill Rentals United requirements, will be now imported from Arkiane into your Rentals United account.

Your properties have been pulled from Arkiane to Rentals United and are now ready to be connected to our Sales Channels. Any editing of the Property information should be done in Arkiane. Once you are connected to the sales channels, the property information will be synchronised to the channels. Bookings received via the connected sales channels, will automatically be inserted into Rentals United and Arkiane. If you want to add a new property to Rentals United/Sales channels, you need to enable it from Arkiane.

Important: PMS allows to book only these period which have FSP prices defined so Arkiane users can not be connected to non-FSP (Full Stay Pricing) channels which do not support quote request (e.g. Agoda,  Avroa, BusyRooms, EHoliday, FerienWohnungen, HostelWorld, HouseTrip, Ostrovok, Splendia, Tripping).


Synchronisation Flow

Property info editing/Adding new properties: Arkiane ➜ Rentals United ➜ Sales Channel

Reservations/Cancellations: Sales Channels ➜ Rentals United ➜ Arkiane

PMS settings - syncing options

If you would like to stop the synchronisation between Arkiane and Rentals United for specific property information, please navigate to PMS Settings and deselect the boxes that you wish to update manually in Rentals United and click synchronise. Now you can edit this property information directly in Rentals United in edit properties. Please bear in mind that deselecting will be applicable for all your properties and future changes made directly in your in your PMS will not be reflected in Rentals United.


NOT synchronised from Arkiane to Rentals United

The greyed-out boxes in the PMS settings are not pulled from Arkiane to Rentals United. This means that you need to manually add these features directly in your Rentals United account. Specifically, you need to add the following property information in Rentals United to connect to any channel: 

  • Payment methodsYou need to manually add them: Go to My Properties - Edit Properties - Advanced settings - Select all or some properties - Edit Charges and Taxes - Payments.
  • Taxes and Extra charges - All fees are already included in price. They will be not presented in RU.
  • Bedding types – Amenity information is pulled from Arkiane but this does not include your bedding configuration which is mandatory to connect to channels: Go to PMS settings – untick room composition – go to my properties – navigate to the property you want to change – add amenities in step 2 of the property set up and click on Save & Next. Please note this is the same issue for all your properties.
  • Reservation modifications - We do not support reservation modification since the Arkiane API does not offer this functionality.
  • Guest Credit Card details - They are not inserted into the PMS, you will need to add them manually.
  • Check-in and check-out Time - Check-in from time - hardcoded - 13:00 and Check-out to time - hardcoded - 11:00 - You can change that information in Rentals United user interface once the properties are retrieved from the PMS.
  • Distances to local Points of Interest: Go to My Properties - Property - Edit - Step 1 -Add Distances to Attractions.
  • Cancellation Policy: Go to My Properties - Edit Properties - Advanced settings - Select all or some properties - Step 7 - Edit Cancellation Policy.
  • Terms & Conditions link: Go to My Properties - Edit Properties - Advanced settings - Select all or some properties -Step 7 -Terms and Conditions link.
  • License / Registration information: Go to My Properties - Property - Edit - Step 1 - Tourist License Number.
  • Multi-Units.

Please add that information into your properties using Rentals United user interface. We are unable to retrieve that information from Arkiane via API at this stage.

Please bear in mind that the quality of your listings will increase significantly if you add more property information. 

How Often is Property Info synchronised?

  • Static Content (e.g. photos and descriptions) = Every 24 hours.
  • Rates = Every 3 hours
  • Availability = Every 15 Min
  • Minimum stay = Every 3 hours
  • Change-Over days = Every 3 hours

Note: You can force a pull of information anytime from Rentals United in the section PMS settings by clicking on Synchronise.

Get Started

Before you can start connecting your properties to our Sales channels,  you need to fill out:

  1. My Profile
  2. Company Profile
  3. Payment Settings

In the upper right corner of your RU account you will find a drop down menu with My Profile, Company Profile and Payment settings. Please fill out the required fields and Click on Save


For the Payment setting, Click on add Billing Method (if you have not already added this)


Due to security reasons, you will have to validate a certain amount taken from your account

Please select the correct currency (if your card is in EUR, you choose EUR, if it’s in GBP, you choose GBP).



If you have any questions that we did not answer in the Help Centre, please submit your request/issue here  


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