EscapiaNET - Review Pricing Correctness

Rentals United pull prices from Escapia using a Full Stay pricing method so when you review the pricing in Rentals United it will look a bit different than what you are used to. In order to check the prices, go to Properties -> Edit/Improve -> Price and availability (Step 5) -> Pricing -> click the edit icon next to the date of the check in -> Scroll down to Full Stay pricing. Here you will see the total amount of the rent depending on the check out date. This will include any taxes and/or fees that you have grouped with rent in Escapia (taxes and fees outside of rent will be added on top).




All channels that support the LOS pricing model will support the full stay pricing model. You can review this article with an overview of the channels. You want to look in the last column called: Length of stay pricing. Any channel that does not support LOS pricing/Full Stay pricing, Rentals United will send the max price to that channel (for example Agoda). Screenshot depicting the logic of this below:



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