How to add or update your security deposit

You can add or change your security deposit in Rentals United from the section Properties > Edit > Step 5 Price & Availability > Tax & Fees > Security deposit


This information needs to be added in the Step 5 of each property:

Step 1: On your Rentals United account go to “My Properties”

Step 2: Look for your property and click Edit.

Step 3: Go to Step 5 and click in Tax & Fees.


Step 4: Scroll down to Security deposit and add the information (Security deposit calculation type + Amount to be charged).


Step 5: Save changes.


If you want to apply the same Security Deposit for all or most of your properties, you can update this information in bulk.


Step 1: On your Rentals United account go to Properties:


Step 2: Once there, click on Go to Advanced Settings



Step 3: Once in advanced settings you can select the properties that you want to edit



Step 4: Select your properties and then you will see the Batch Edit button highlighted in green



Step 5: Once you click on Batch Edit you will be able to manually edit your Security Deposit. Go to Step 5 - Prices & Availability - Taxes & Fees and click Edit



Step 6: Choose the Security deposit calculation type among one of the dropdown options and after selecting this add the amount. Click Save






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