365Villas - Tax and Fees with Airbnb

You can send standard fees added on top of your nightly rates to Airbnb from this section:

Rentals United Account > Services > My Services > Airbnb > Account Settings > Extra Fees > Enable



How it works


Airbnb support 5 types of fees which can be calculated either flat amount per stay or %


Community fee

Resort fee

Linen fee

Management fee

Cleaning fee


Taxes and fees can only be sent to Airbnb from Rentals United if they have the below Rentals United tax or fee name (left column), they will then be sent to Airbnb with the corresponding Airbnb fee type (right column). 


Please note that Rentals United taxes are mapped to Community fee, so any tax sent from Rentals United to Airbnb will always be calculated on rent only. If you want the tax to appear in Airbnb as a tax instead of community fee, it can instead be added manually in Airbnb per property. 


If 2 or more taxes and fees with the same calculation are mapped to the same Airbnb fee they will show a sum of both. If 2 or more fees with different calculation options are mapped to the same Airbnb fee percentage fees will override per stay fees.

Local tax - Community fee

Tourist tax - Community fee

City tax - Community fee

Towels fee - Linen fee

Bed linen fee - Linen fee

Linen package fee - Linen fee

Service fee - Management fee

Resort Fee - Resort fee

Booking fee - Management fee

Tourism Fee - Community fee

Environment fee - Community fee

Airbnb in some locations collects all taxes or part of the taxes on the property manager behalf. Please read this Airbnb article to know what they collect in what location. 



If Airbnb collects all tax on the property manager behalf


- Tax should be unknown in 365 Villas tax mapping tool or Mapped to Good and Service Tax or VAT tax

- Airbnb will calculate the tax on rent + applicable fees which they will collect and remit to the government


If Airbnb does not collect all tax on the property manager behalf


Option 1: Send the tax to Airbnb from RU as community fee


- Tax needs to be mapped in 365 Villas tax mapping tool to either Local Tax , City Tax or Tourist Tax

- The tax will be calculate on rent only


Option 2: Setup tax in Airbnb extranet 


- Tax should be unknown in 365 Villas tax mapping tool or Mapped to Good and Service Tax or VAT tax

- The tax will be calculated on rent + applicable fees






Map the fees in the 365 Villas fee mapping tool to one of the supported fee types. 


Towels fee

Bed linen fee 

Linen package fee

Service fee

Resort Fee

Booking fee

Tourism Fee 

Environment fee 

Cleaning fee 




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