EscapiaNET - Review properties in extranet

Property managers access the extranet from will provide them with their username, it is usually in this type of format “companyname1”. homepage will display all properties on the account ( Hotel ID on the left). Click on the property to review.


Click the property name at the top right hand corner and select “View your property’s listing on” to see the listing from the guest perspective, this is a good way to spot any potential issues. 


You can also review the property content from the edit view. Click on “Property” tab to reveal the content fields. The property manager can make edits to the property content in extranet, it will not be overwritten by Rentals United unless the property manager specifically request Rentals United to re-push property content (this is only done for properties that were originally pushed/created by Rentals United). 

Screenshot_2020-11-05_at_17.12.25.png is designed for Hotel inventory. This means that within 1 Hotel ID there could be several room types and within those room types several units. To view the setup in click on the Property tab and select Property Layout or Room details (depending on version of extranet). The different room types will be identified by 2 numbers at the end of the Hotel ID. 


Please note that Rentals United cannot create or repush content for this type of inventory. For this setup, the property manager needs to create the listing in manually and it can then be mapped to Rentals United to synchronise daily price, calendar and minimum stay. All properties pushed by Rentals United will be 1 property per Hotel ID. 



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