365Villas - Review Property Content


Review that the property content in Rentals United is correct. Click on Properties tab and click Edit or Improve next to a property. 


The property content is separated into 7 tabs. Review each tab to make sure the property content is correct. Greyed out fields are data coming from 365Villas, if anything is incorrect, make the change in 365Villas. White and editable fields are content that needs to be managed in Rentals United, make the change in Rentals United. 


Pay extra attention to these fields below:

  • Amenities:

Make sure no amenities are missing. If amenities are duplicated make sure to remove the duplicate amenities in 365Villas. Amenities are displayed in Rentals United both in “tick boxes” and below in the general amenities. There will be no difference on the sales channels where the amenity is located in Rentals United. The amenities will be displayed in the sales channel according to the design on that sale channel. 


  • Bedding:

Bedding will appear in the general field. Make sure the number of beds matches the max occupancy of the property. 


  • Daily rent and minimum stay:

Daily rent and minimum stay will appear in the pricing tab. Ensure it matches with 365Villas. 


  • Taxes and fees:

Check that the taxes and fees are correct. 


Any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.


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