How to map manually

Before you start mapping, check what currency you have in Agoda.

Make a note of your Hotel ID from Agoda Extranet - you will need to enter it in RU. Please note, if you see 01, 02, 03 etc in the end of your ID please remove them. For example, Hotel ID 123232701 needs to be entered as 1232327 in RU.

Go to Services > My Services and select Agoda. Click on “Property settings”




In Property Settings enter your Hotel ID, select the currency you have in Agoda, not the currency you have in RU. This is very important otherwise you will send wrong prices to Agoda. Select a mark up if you wish to cover for the commission Agoda charges you.




Map the corresponding property in RU to your Agoda Hotel ID in order to link the 2 properties together. Finish by clicking on "Save group"




After your new group has been created, click on "Activate" in order to push your rates, calendar and minimum stay.





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