Airbnb host-only fee

By default Airbnb works with a host-only fee for all countries except the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, or Uruguay.


In those locations Airbnb works by default on a split commission fee. On a split commission fee, Airbnb charges the PM 3% (or 5% if you choose a super strict cancellation policy) and then charges the guest the remaining commission. 


The guest will therefore see a separate line item for Airbnb service fee when they book the property. 



Airbnb does offer the option for the PM to take the full commission yourself (host-only fee) and they have reported that if you select this option it increases bookings (since guests prefer to see less fees). You will be able to mark up your rates from Rentals United to cover for the Airbnb commission no matter the option you choose. 


If you wish to opt in to the host-only fee model, go to Airbnb -> Account -> Payment and Payout -> Service fee -> Include Airbnb service fee in your price. 



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