What do the colours in 'My Services' mean?

When you get connected to Sales Channels in Rentals United, you will get the following colouring information that will help you to know if your properties are well connected.


Rentals United Account - Services - My Services:


Green (Live) - It means that the properties are connected 


Orange (Check with Channel) - It means that most probably the properties are online on the channel, but we have not received the confirmation from them. This is why it advises to 'Check with channel'


If you see this happening, please follow the instructions and contact the channel to ask them about the status of your connection. You can find the contact details for all the sales channels we are connected to here.



You can also search for your listings in the sales channel website and paste the links here:



Please note that having the links on that section or not will not affect the status of your connection in any way.


Red (Errors) - One or more properties are experiencing connection Errors. If you go to the properties and click in Errors you will see the description of it and instructions about how to fix them.


If you are not sure how to fix the errors or you are not able to do so, please, open a support ticket.


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