How to close availability on for a specific period of time

If you need to stop selling your properties on for a specific period of time you can do that in 2 alternative ways:


  • You can contact directly and ask them to close your property


  • You can close your availability for manually in Rentals United:

Go to Services > My Services > > Property Settings




Find the property where you want to close dates for Booking.con and click on 'Manual Options'





Once you are in the Manual Options section, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Select the date range where you want to close your calendars on
  2. Click on 'Calculate'
  3. Set availability to 0 for the first day
  4. Then click on the two green arrows and this action will copy 'Set availability 0' to all the previously selected dates
  5. To push the calendar changes to, click on 'Send my changes'



To undo these changes and remove the manually forced availability values, just select the date range, click on 'Calculate', then click on the red arrow and on 'Send my changes'.



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