How to Disconnect a Property from “HRS and VRS” Channels

HRS Channels (Hotel Reservation Sites)

These sites include, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld, Ostrovok.

Those are the channels that require a mapping between the properties in RU and the properties on the channel.

For those channels, if you would like to disconnect your property, you need to do it on their side. When you click on the “deactivate” what happens is that we stop sending availability and rates to the channel. However, the channel keeps the property online by displaying the last information they got from our system (last rates and availability sent from RU to the channel).

This could be dangerous and cause issues as the property is not updated by bookings you may receive from other channels.

On the PDF files for those channels that we ask you to download during the connection process, we do explain in detail how to disconnect your properties. The best way is to contact your Account Manager on the channel with the ID that you would like to close.


VRS Channels (Vacation Rentals Sites)

These sites include Airbnb, MisterBnb, EveryStay, TripAdvisor...

For those channels, all you need to do is disconnecting the property in RU. This will automatically stop sending availability and rates to the channel, which will automatically put it offline.

If you activate the property again, the connection will be reestablished and the property will show up as live again in the channel.

Disconnecting a property in Rentals United will however not delete the property completely from the sales channel. Please contact the channel directly and ask them to remove your listing.

You can find the contact details for our channel partners here.


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