Airbnb and Extra fees

When connecting your properties to Airbnb, the easiest way to send over your additional fees used to be by increasing your cleaning fee or using our markup feature.

Such a workaround is no longer necessary. By enabling this new feature, you can now send the standard fees added on top of your nightly rates to Airbnb.



Airbnb recognises 4 types of standard fees: the Management Fee, the Community Fee, the Resort Fee and the Linen Fee.

The fees specified in Rentals United are mapped to the Airbnb standard fees as shown below:

Local tax - Community
Tourist tax - Community
City tax - Community
Towels fee - Linen
Bed linen fee - Linen
Linen package fee - Linen
Service fee - Management
Resort Fee - Resort
Booking fee - Management
Tourism Fee - Community
Environment fee - Community

Amount per stay - Amount
Percentage of total price - Percent
Cumulative percentage - Percent
Independent percentage per day - Percent

Other additional fees you may have added in Rentals United that are not specified above will not be sent to Airbnb.

The Airbnb Management Fee, Community Fee and Resort Fee can be calculated as a percentage of the nightly price or as a fixed amount per reservation, and will be added on top of the nightly price.

In case your property in Rentals United has extra fees of the same type (Management, Community or Resort) calculated as both a fixed amount per reservation and as a percentage of the nightly price, Rentals United will only send the fees calculated as a fixed amount per reservation.

The Linen Fee can only be calculated as a fixed amount per reservation and will be added to the Cleaning Fee.

In order to streamline the guest experience, Airbnb does not explicitly display the fees during the booking process. However, you can see a detailed breakdown of the reservation cost in your Airbnb extranet.

When enabling this feature, please make sure that you have adjusted your price markup and Cleaning Fee accordingly, so that your guests are not charged your additional fees twice.


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