What are Promotions?

Promotions are an effective way of getting new bookings when you need them most. Whether you’re trying to sell rooms last minute, boost revenue during a slower period, or attract even more guests during peak season, promotions are proven to increase occupancy over specific periods.

There’s a wide range of promotions designed to attract guests on Promotions are easy to set up, can be activated and deactivated whenever you want, and are a great way of bringing in more revenue.

What type of Promotions can I create?

You can choose from pre-made or customised promotions:

  • Pre-made promotions are created by and designed to help you make the most of specific events like Lunar New Year or Easter.
  • Customised promotions are available year-round and give you the flexibility to attract bookings that are in line with your business needs.

Setting up a Promotion will offer guests discounts for: 

  • Guests staying longer than a particular number of nights
  • Guests booking in a particular time window
  • Guests staying in particular time frame
  • Guests booking early in advance
  • Guests booking at the last minute

Where do I find Promotions in Rentals United?

Log into Rentals United, go to Services > My Services > and click on the 'Promotions' button:



Where do I find Promotions in

You will find them at the top bar of your hotel in Extranet:



What do Promotions look like in Calendar?

When you go to Extranet and navigate to Rates & Availability and then select Calendar, you will see the active promotions under the rates they were created for:




How Rentals United helps me with Promotions?

This feature allows you to create, manage and review your promotions directly from Rentals United, where you manage your property data. This allows you to save time as you do not need to log into your Extranet.

Does this integration affect my existing Promotions?

Not at all. In case you already have some promotions specified in, you will be able to see them in Rentals United, too.

A promotion created in Extranet can be edited in Rentals United. 

Likewise, a promotion created in Rentals United can be then edited in Extranet. All changes will be instantly pulled into Rentals United, so that Rentals United always has up-to-date info.

How do promotions relate to rates?

When you create a promotion, you will be asked to specify the hotel, room type and rate plan to connect the promotion to. A promotional child rate is then created. 

How are conflicting restrictions handled between parent rates and promotions?

For price, policy, meal plan and derived price details, promotions inherit values from parent rates.

For restrictions, channels, and closed/open dates, the most restrictive value "wins".

Here are examples to illustrate the above:

  • If the parent rate has a minimum stay of 3, and the promotion has a minimum stay of 5, then the minimum stay of 5 is required to trigger the promotion.
  • If the parent rate has a release time of 1 day, and no release time is specified on the promotion, the promotion inherits the release time of the parent rate.
  • If the parent rate has a closed date, the promotion inherits that closed date.
  • If the promotion is active and the parent rate is open, the promotion is open for that date.


Why don't I see tags for all promotions on the website/app? will only show visual tags for Last minute promotions. Other types of promotions (Basic, Early booker) appear on the website, but not with a special tag.

How can I delete a promotional rate?

Currently, it is only possible to deactivate the promotion via Rentals United. Simply hover over the 3-dot menu and click “Deactivate” - the promotion will be moved to Inactive promotions. You may still re-activate it via Rentals United or directly in your Extranet.

How do I add a promotion to many hotels at once?

For now, you may only create a promotion for one hotel. We are working on making it possible to create a promotion for multiple hotels at once.

How will I see that a booking was made through a promotion?

When a guest books a stay with you via a promotion, the booking comments will include promotion name.



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