Edit your properties in bulk

Batch Edit is a feature in Rentals United which allows you to edit the following information of your properties in bulk so you do not have to individually manage each listing:

  • Amenities
  • Taxes
  • Extra Charges
  • Arrival Instructions
  • Late Check-in/Early Check-out


This article will provide you with a step by step guide to batch editing your properties. We also made this short video showing how to use the bulk edit to change your taxes and fees, as an example.


Step 1: On your Rentals United account go to “My Properties”


Step 2: Once there you will see the “Go to Advanced Settings” select it.


Step 3: Once in advanced settings you can select the properties that you want to edit.


Step 4: Select your properties and then you will see “Batch Edit” highlight in green.


Step 5: Once you have selected the “Batch Edit” option you will be able to manually edit your Amenities, Price and availability, Check-in and Check out settings and also your payment settings.



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