Advanced pricing options: Weekend pricing, Occupancy pricing, LOS pricing and Discounts (last minute and length of stay)

This article explains what steps you need to take in order to add your prices accordingly to Rentals United following your business model. It will also further elaborate which channels accept these kind of pricing structures. 

Please bear in mind, that if you are using a PMS, you will need to verify with your PMS whether you can send this information to Rentals United or not.

Advanced pricing options can be found at property level here:





Which pricing models does Rentals United support? 

Different types of pricing available in Rentals United:

  • Weekend Pricing
    Here you can insert a specific price which you can apply for specific weekend days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)



  • Occupancy pricing: Extra price per guest

You can insert a specific price per extra guest that is outside your daily rate.
Meaning, if you have X extra guest the price per extra guest per night will be Y. In this screenshot, for example, 1 extra guest will pay 15 GPB, and 2 extra guests will pay 20 GBP each



  • LOS pricing: Length of stay price

LOS Pricing that takes into account the amount of days booked and then provides a certain price for those days. This can be used to create discount in cases where the longer the guest stays, the cheaper it is per night.

Below you can see an example of how Length of Stay Pricing (LOS) looks like and how it will get calculated by the channels.

If someone makes a booking from 25/09/2018 until 29/09/2018, that would be a reservation of 4 nights. There are 2 nights in the first season (25 and 26), so we would look at the price for 4 nights:


109.44 x 2 = 218,88 (rounded up this would be 219 GBP)


There are 2 nights that fall in the second season (27 and 28):


88.19 x 2 = 176,38 (rounded up this would be 176 GBP)

Total price for 4 nights = 219 + 176 = 395 GBP

These numbers exclude any additional fees + mark-ups to the channels.   

*Note, in this example you see no LOS price for 2 nights. In the case the reservation is for 2 nights, the normal daily rate will be applied. 

If one of the seasons for a booking does not have LOS pricing, the normal daily rate will be calculated for those nights.


  • Discounts: last minute

You can insert a specific discount depending on how much time the guest books before arrival.



  • Discounts: Length of Stay

You can insert a specific discount depending on the nights the guest books.








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