If you are looking for quick and easy support on a query, unsure of how something works or you are simply looking for information about our platform and features, Chatbot is a new, fantastic tool we have implemented that allows you to chat with our knowledgable cyber robot called 'Rubot'!


How can I access 'Rubot'?

Either at the login page or while you are logged in to your account, at the bottom right-hand corner you will see a 'CHAT' icon, click on that.



What happens next?

You must fill in your name and your RU Login Email/Username and click 'Send' to initiate the conversation.



From here you can customise your request or simply use one of our recommendations in the box that appears to the right.




The answers from Rubot are instant and you can have all the information you need in the blink of an eye.



What if I am unable to acquire the necessary information to answer my questions or resolve any issues I am experiencing?

In the case that you still need further assistance and your questions could not be answered, you can simply type HUMAN into the 'Write your message here' field and you will be forwarded on to a live agent who will then respond to your request as soon as possible.







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