Can guests book my property through Rentals United?



Yes! This is possible through the Book Direct webpage we set up for each of your properties in Rentals United. They have recently been optimised and are mobile-friendly.

The Book Direct pages show your company name and logo so it is great for branding as well!

You can find the Book Direct page by going to Properties and by clicking View as per below screenshot: 



This will open a new tab with the booking page of your property. All details such as photos, descriptions, amenities, cancellation policy and payment options on this page come directly from the information you have set up in your Rentals United account or your PMS. 

Click here to see an example

At the bottom of your Book Direct pages, we have added tools to help you to easily share your properties on social media and get likes from people you send it to. Use these tools to maximise your online exposure and boost your direct bookings as much as possible. The service is still free of charge






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