How can I use Book Direct?

If you don’t have your own website, you can share the Book Direct page of your property with your potential guests so they can book directly. The booking will be visible for you in 'My Bookings' and will provide the guests' name, contact details and credit card details. If you receive a booking via Book Direct, you are the merchant of record and responsible for taking the payment. 

Does Rentals United charge me commission if I receive a booking via Book Direct?

No - this service is still free of charge and available to all Rentals United users. 


For your information, this is how the links are built (Please ignore this if you're not an advanced HTML user):

  • df= the date from
  • dt = the date to
  • nop = number of people
  • sc = your Rentals United (so bookings will appear as made by you in Rentals United) 


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    Jeremy Ricci

    Has RentalsUnited developed a multi calendar Book Direct option yet for customers to see all units available?

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